Warning: Some of the product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.
Puff Xtra Limited 5% Disposable 3000 Puffs 10pk

Puff Xtra Limited 5% Disposable 3000 Puffs 10pk

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Puff Xtra Limited is a disposable product range that has a variety of characteristics. It is a small and portable gadget that comes pre-filled with 50mg of e-juice, or five percentile, of nicotine. Flavors range from Peach Gummy to Aloe Grape, and there is something for everyone.

The Puff Xtra Limited is distinguished by the fact that it is small, dependable, and energy-saving. You will have no difficulties utilizing it, and you can carry it with you everywhere you go when traveling.

Puff XTRA Limited Features

8mL capacity
5% Nicotine Salt
Up to 3500 puffs
1000mAh battery


Peach Gummy: If you're looking to add a new dessert taste to your repertoire, you should consider this. It is a taste that will appeal to peach lovers everywhere.

Watermelon Skittle: Look for this if you are searching for something new and unique in juice taste. This fantastic infusion leaves a pleasant flavor that only becomes more delicious with time.

Aloe Grape: The combination of the distinct taste of aloe and the pleasant taste of grapes is something to consider if you want to enjoy both flavors together.

Blue Razz: Known for its amazing taste inventions, blue energy flavor is well-known for its flavor. In terms of taste, it's a fantastic mix of many various types of flavors.

Cool Mint: You've probably had the traditional mint flavor several times. A new kind of mint will be discovered when you try puff Xtra limited mint.

Gummy Bear: You cannot comprehend the flavor of vape. The just gummy bear taste provides a long-lasting pleasure. As a bonus, it has a chewy flavor that you haven't tasted before.

Lush Ice: Lush ice recreates a classic taste that has stood the test of time. This is the only flavor of puff Xtra limited that can compete.

Mixed Berry Pomegranate Candy: Its delicious taste comes from a well-balanced combination of berries and Pomegranate. If you're looking for the ideal vape, you should take this into account. As a result, you should purchase this flavor as soon as you can.

Strawberry Ice Cream: Enjoy this delicious infusion as it improves in flavor. Strawberry and ice cream tastes are combined in this drink. Try this if you're searching for a new and distinct juice taste.

Strawberry Pineapple Guava: Nothing is better in vaping flavor when you get three unique flavors: strawberry, pineapple, and Guava.

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