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Professional Chargers - Cream Charger - 50 Pack

Professional Chargers - Cream Charger - 50 Pack

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8.4 gram N20 Professional Cream Charger

Only genuine iSi Cream Chargers can provide the quality and taste that discerning consumers want. Since they are made exclusively for our cream whippers, our chargers are perfectly designed and filled and they're backed by 100% quality control testing. To be sure you serve the very best, buy only the very best. Cream chargers made by iSi are leakproof, have no expiration date, and are made of 100% recyclable steel. 

iSi Professional Chargers offer higher qualities of N2O propellant to ensure the best results. While traditional charging of cream uses less nitrous oxide to produce whipped cream; iSi has developed this more potent cream charger to ensure a reliable result. These chargers will help achieve a more satisfying result. Also, because kitchen technicians are developing new applications all the time, iSi has developed this superior charger. These chargers will help yield a better result regardless of what the stabilizer contemplated for foam, espuma, or cream. If using a nitrous oxide application for infusion, these chargers offer the best choice for the chef. iSi has more than 50 years experience in this technology, and developed this high quality product after significant research and experimentation. Choose this product for the absolute highest quality cream charger on the market.

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