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Ppure Incense

Ppure Incense

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Dracula’s Blood incense is notorious for protection against negative energy and low climate. The aroma that spreads from burning this incense is veritably intoxicating and incontinently makes the space feel sacred and secure.

These incense sticks are a admixture of organic constituents including resins, unique sauces, flowers, and essential canvases. These constituents mixed with sandalwood produce a complex scent with numerous undertones, similar as benzoin and layers of woodsy aroma. It has a hint of agreeableness, like a duller interpretation of amber. Dracula’s blood incense is also a symbol of good luck.
This aroma helps enhance your contemplation and tone- care experience. Whatever mood you may be in, burning this incense will make you feel more rested and at peace. Hence, it's excellent for any occasion. Utmost generally employed for spellwork and spiritual conditioning.

This incense doesn't include Dracula’s blood. We're sure you were formerly apprehensive but, we still wanted to clarify any confusion.
Medicinal parcels
Used for the creation of essay
It helps produce a positive terrain
A symbol of good fortune
Spreads an intoxicating scent
Comes in a box of 10-12
Organically made
Hand Rolled

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