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Ozium Air Freshener

Ozium Air Freshener

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Ozium 0.8 oz Outdoor Essence Air Sanitizer Spray cleans the air you breathe in your motorcar, home, or office. It has a fresh scent that will leave your vehicle interior smelling fragrant and clean. Great for motorcars, RVs, kitchens, bathrooms, nurseries, locker houses, and waste boxes.
Ozium Air Sanitizer0.8 oz acts fast to eliminate germs and bad odors caused by smoke in the air with a simple spray of the0.8 oz can.

It was first put into development as a way to fight airborne bacteria and germs in hospitals specifically, so you know it has some additional strength to it. Most odor cancelers only mask a bad smell, but Ozium differentiates itself by fully killing bad odors and germs without prejudice. It indeed comes in a multitude of scents so you can replace that bad smell with a much more favorable one of your picking.

Since it kills the smell and bacteria it also eliminates the odor from coming back after a short time. We have all used air fresheners where you spray it and 5 minutes latterly that bad smell is back. It's time you pick up Ozium Air Sanitizer and start killing these odors rather than shortly being free of them.

Ozium 0.8 oz Air Freshener
Eliminates odors from smoke
Clinically proven to kill airborne bacteria
Sanitizes the air you breathe
Convenient size is great to take with you

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