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Ooze Swerve Silicone Waterpipe + Nectar Collector

Ooze Swerve Silicone Waterpipe + Nectar Collector

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Change your smoke session up on a whim with the Ooze Swerve! This 4-in-1 hybrid piece comes with all the tools needed to enjoy it in 4 different ways: as a bong, dab rig, nectar collector, and vape pen adapter. This unique piece features a sturdy base with storage for accessories, and the curvy shape resembles the "Z" in Ooze. The Swerve easily switches functions just by swapping in a different attachment, and can be used with both CBD and hemp flower, concentrates, and 510 thread oil cartridges.
Insert the Armor Bowl as-is to use the bong function with dry herb. Pop the glass bowl insert out of the Armor Bowl, and insert any 510 thread oil cartridge. This turns the Swerve into a giant vape pen adapter for super smooth hits. Pull the Armor Bowl out and insert the 90° thermal banger to turn the Swerve into a dab rig. Pull out the silicone mouthpiece and insert the titanium nail to set up the nectar collector, and use the borosilicate glass dish to dab out of. Store the accessories you aren't currently using right in the base. This has slots for the nail, banger, and has a built-in non-stick silicone container for concentrate storage directly on your piece.
Our 4-in-1 devices are incredibly unique, you really can't find products like this anywhere else! Wow your customers with versatile pieces that allow them to enjoy whatever they bring home from the dispensary. We package the Swerve in a box with a large front window to show customers exactly what they'll receive with their purchase. We recommend displaying all color options together for maximum impact!
Water pipe function with Armor Bowl
Compatible with 14mm & 18mm down stems
Dab rig function with 90° thermal banger
Vape pen adapter with Armor Bowl
Nectar Collector function
Titanium nail and borosilicate dab dish included
Silicone base storage
Titanium nail holder
Banger holder
Non-stick silicone container
Strong borosilicate glass components
Available Colors:
\Chameleon - black & green tie-dye
Aqua Teal
Ultra Purple
Rasta - red, yellow & green tie-dye
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More Information
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