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Ooze Slim Clear Series Flex Temp Battery

Ooze Slim Clear Series Flex Temp Battery

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The Slim Clear Series is a basic vape battery that’s compatible with all types and sizes of pre-filled oil cartridges and concentrate attachments. Power it on and off by clicking the button 5 times. Quickly clear any clogs in the cartridge airway without straining your lungs by running a cycle of prep mode before each vape session. Click the button twice and wait until the light stops flashing to take your hit. With a strong pull, any clogs should clear easily! This flex temp device has three voltage levels. Change the voltage level by clicking the button 3 times. Each temperature has a different light color so you never get confused on how hot your device is heating. Low is blue (2.7V), medium is green (3.3V), and high is red (4.0V). We recommend always using the lowest voltage for pre-filled cartridges.


SLIM CLEAR | The Slim Clear vape pen is a 510 thread battery that is compatible with all pre-filled oil cartridges and wax attachments. It is a powerful 400 mAh battery with great battery life.

SAPPHIRE BLUE | The Sapphire Blue Slim Clear vape has a transparent blue plastic covering that shows off the internal components of the device. It has a 90’s vibe like the old school transparent electronics.

TYPE-C CHARGER | The Slim Clear battery includes a type-C charging cable for rapid charging. You MUST use your Ooze type-C charger with this device or the warranty will be void.

FLEX TEMP | This is a flex temp device with three voltage levels that are controlled by 3 clicks of the button. Low voltage (2.7V) is a red LED, medium (3.3V) is a blue LED, and high voltage (4.0V) is a green LED.

PREP MODE | Prep Mode is activated by clicking the button twice. A gentle heat cycle will clear any clogs in the airway of the cartridge.

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