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Lighter Leash

Lighter Leash

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The Original Mini Lighter Leash Retractable Lighter Holder All lighters should be kept on a leash! Clip on the Lighter Leash and never lose or search for yours again. Be preventative against lighter thieves! Always loosing your lighters? Be a responsible owner and keep yours on a leash! Now you can lend someone a light without them walking away with it. The Original Mini Lighter Leash is designed to hold a mini size Bic lighter or similar Mini size lighter. Original Style features a plastic frame (colors may vary) and a spring clip that can be secured to your belt, pocket, pants, shirt or purse This style clips snuggly to one's belt, pocket, skirt, or purse and gives its user quick access to a light. Each Lighter Leash has a strong 36 inch retractable nylon cord. (Lighter not included) Available in Original, Premium and Mini. Original and Premium - Standard Size holds a standard sized Bic (or similar) lighter Mini Size- holds a mini sized Bic (or similar) lighter. This is for ONE Mini Lighter Leash.

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