Warning: Some of the product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.
Hemp Grinder 55*25mm 24pc

Hemp Grinder 55*25mm 24pc

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Adding a new grinder to your collection is like adding a new member in your family. We know you want it to stay for a long time, serve its purpose well, and most importantly, help you rip some dank smoke. The HOkiring Grinders serves this purpose well as it is designed articulately for long-time use. With a strong, sturdy body and a robust make, the 2-part grinder is known for its durability. 

Slice it away!

Whether you're a fan of fluffy nugs that are a soft touch on your fingers or like to shred them into a very fine consistency, it is important to have a grinder that gives you a smooth, easy way to do the deed. With the HOkirin Biodegradable Grinder, you get a set of sharp teeth that effortlessly slice through the most stubborn and sticky nugs, allowing you to achieve an even burn. 


A perfect blend of sustainability and design, the HOkirin Grinder is known to be biodegradable and earth-friendly. That means you're not just buying a smoking accessory, you're also doing it the right way. 

A truly unique grinder!


Most of us like to take our nugs and roll everywhere we go. Whether you're planning a road trip with your homies or like to smoke in your car, it is necessary to have a set of portable smoking accessories that you can take anywhere. The 2-part sustainable grinder is the best solution as it is compact enough to fit your rolling stations and bags, and gives you a beautiful, perfect shred. 

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