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Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick

Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick

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The organic certification is the method on which the plants are grown, not what is done to  them afterwards. All of our twines and clothing meet the global organic textile standard, which is even better in our opinion because it also applies to what has been done to the plant after it has been harvested as well. Including dyes, pigments and bleaches. The only thing used to dye any of our textiles is hydrogen peroxide (the only thing we sell as of right now that has been through that process is the ivory colored hemp sheets). Even tough is not possible to certify wax as organic (ask the USDA), we try to keep our wax as young as possible (Bees wax is a receptor to any chemical substance out there, whether is a natural one or introduced by men, so the longer it remains in the comb the larger amounts it gets). The wax is applied in Hawaii and in Eastern Europe (Romania), all by organic, loving hands.

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