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Al Fakher Shisha

Al Fakher Shisha

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Al Fakher Blueberry Mint shisha tobacco is an easy flavour to love. While some mint-mix flavours have the mint overpowering its partner flavour, this blueberry mint flavour is a perfect balance of sweet berry and smooth mint. It produces respectable clouds with up to three coals on it, but nothing that will absolutely blow you away.

Al Fakher Gum Mint tobacco is a cool spearmint blend that is reminiscent of a stick of spearmint gum. This shisha tobacco flavour offers up a unique twist on the standard mint flavor that provides a smooth cooling effect. The delicious spearmint gum flavors also add a level of complexity to your session.

Al Fakher Orange Mint shisha tobacco is a refreshing combination of two of AF’s classic flavors: Orange and Mint. Unlike in many mint-combos – where mint overpowers the second flavor – you will find that the Orange half of the duo is the dominant flavor in this shisha, bringing with it all the zest you could hope for. The Mint is subtle on the inhale and becomes more prominent on the exhale, giving you that chilling freshness you might experience from chewing mint flavored gum. This shisha is a well balanced and enjoyable mix from Al Fakher shisha.

Al Fakher Double Apple shisha tobacco is one of the most popular flavours of hookah tobacco. Double apple flavour traditionally features the anise (liquorice) flavour that is common in apple flavoured shisha.

Al Fakher Peach is a perfectly balanced tangy peach flavor with an incredibly smooth texture.

Al Fakher Grapefruit is a very interesting and original grapefruit, in which it is citrus sweetness that comes to the fore, and light bitterness with sourness in the background.

Al Fakher Watermelon shisha tobacco is a classic watermelon flavour, hookah tobacco is one of the most well-known shisha brands in all the world. They have been producing shisha tobacco since 1999, and rumor has it that their influence on the hookah universe far extends that reach.

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